Thursday, March 17, 2022


Our Reflexologists


I am a Beauty/Holistic therapist based in Glengormley in a log cabin. I offer a wide range of beauty and complementary therapies and I am the only therapist in the area who specialises in fertility reflexology. I was contacted by the Prison Service Trust in September and have been providing reflexology sessions for widows/widowers of officers who died in service and also officers who are medically retired.


Reflexology is a gentle but strong foot massage. It is a therapy that works on the feet to heal the whole person and maintain the body's natural healing mechanisms. It's available by me, a fully qualified reflexologist, at Trummery Treatment Room. Located 2 miles outside Moira, convenient to Moira, Maghaberry, Lisburn, Lurgan, Hillsborough and all surrounding areas.


Hi everyone, my name is Aisling, and I am currently providing Reflexology treatments to the wonderful Prison Service Trust clients on a monthly basis. I work from Devata Holistic Centre in Portadown and the areas that I cover are Portadown and Armagh. They are a lovely group of people and I look forward to their monthly visits.

Susan - Holmridge Reflexology

I opened my opened my Reflexology business in 2018. My studio is set in amongst the trees of my garden on the outskirts of East Belfast, providing a perfect tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle.

I have the privilege of treating a number of Prison Service Trust clients on a monthly basis. During their treatments they get to experience an hour of pure relaxation which I know they all appreciate.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that works of the basis that reflexes in the feet correspond with different areas and systems in the body. By using specialised thumb and finger hand techniques to apply pressure to specific reflexes it can have a positive effect on the corresponding part of the body.

Its benefits can include: reduction in stress, improvement in circulation, some alleviation of chronic pain, endocrine balancing, improvement in sleep and increased energy levels.

Reflexology is a wonderful complementary therapy that is suitable for everyone. It is truly an honour to work in this profession.


Hi Everyone, my name is Christina and I currently provide reflexology treatments to PST clients in Bangor and the surrounding areas once a month.  I work from the Garden Treatment rooms in Bangor.