Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Digital Photography

The Photography class meets on a Tuesday at 10.30 in the PST Office at Hydebank for a couple of hours with coffee and cakes to finish.  When the better weather starts we plan for outside trips with opportunities to gain hands on experience and advice using your own cameras. If you don’t have a digital camera a good smartphone will work as well.

We will then follow up with the finishing touches to your pictures in the classroom leaving you with your own work to be proud of.

Don’t be frightened by the digital photography world, things are a lot easier than they seem. I run my screen onto the boardroom TV so you can see in detail step by step how to edit your pictures.  I also give everyone a paper handout with step by step screen grabs and instructions. If you have a laptop, great if not we can lend you a sanitised one!

We also welcome anyone to “drop in with photography problems”. Can’t get images off your camera? Memory card seems to be locked? How do I store images when the card is full? Pictures are too dark or too light…….. Please call in and ask.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me on 07704329420 or email me at ramsayfawell@yahoo.co.uk, alternatively contact Michelle if you are interested or just turn up!