Monday, November 29, 2021

PST Serving Officers Spa Day Galgorm

A well-deserved Spa Day was organised for the serving officers after a difficult 18 months for everyone.  We arrived at the Galgorm at 09:30 ready to check in and receive a time slot for our treatment…. A bunch of excited ladies I must add, once checked in we were free to go get changed and make our way to the thermal village.

The morning was spent just lazing on heated beds, sitting in hot tubs, getting sweaty in saunas or even drinking coffee and eating scones in the café.  A few of the girls had their treatments in the morning a full hour of pampering some had facials some had massages.  The morning passed and everyone met up in the elements outdoor café for lunch.

The café menu was quite varied and there was something to suit everyone’s taste and not forgetting a cheeky glass of prosecco for everyone.

The afternoon was more of the morning just relaxing, chatting and more treatments, we love meeting with the girls from the other 2 stations and catching up on what everyone has been up to.  A few brave girls including myself even braved the ice-cold plunge pool…. bbrrrrrrrr

We had use of the facilities until 6pm some left earlier a few of us left later a cheeky cocktail in the top hot tub pumping tunes and a great vibe.

I can honestly vouch for everyone there that we all had an amazing day and are very grateful to the Trust for arranging this for us, so from every member there a massive thank you …. roll on next year.



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