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Focused on the future
The PST was set up in 2002 with Government funding with the intention to address the needs of the wider Prison Service family to include widows/widowers, dependants of murdered staff and those who have died in service, medically retired Officers and the dependants of those medically retired. Please note medically retired staff must apply within 6 months of medical retirement.

The PST is aiming to establish and develop a fund for those not supported through the money received from the Department of Justice; I.E Age retired Officers, serving Officers and their immediate dependants.

The fund will help provide health care, life planning and support services to benefit them and their family. These services will only be available to age retired Officers who donate to the No.3 account and serving Officers who donate to the No.2 account.

Do you know if you are a serving Officer you can donate to the PST through your salary?

You might ask yourself what the Prison Service Trust (PST) can do to help serving Prison staff who donate to the PST? There are a variety of benefits including but not limited to:

  • Free spa day with lunch at the Galgorm Hotel;
  • Free participation in the annual golf tournament with dinner (venue varies);
  • Donors to the Number 2 account who have children at university who pay tuition fees are eligible to put their name forward for the annual PST bursary draw of 500 per student;
  • Confidential counselling service;
  • Assistance with medical procedures up to a value of 3,000 to assist a member of staff who is off sick get back to work, subject to the Board's approval and providing qualifying criteria are met;
  • Where a beneficiary is suffering from cancer which results in loss of pay, then financial assistance may be considered, subject to the Board's approval for maximum of three months and providing qualifying criteria is met.